AudioRail product line retired (February, 2014)

AudioRail Technologies has retired its product line and is no longer in production.

We will continue to support existing customers and honor our product warranty. Please do not hesitate to contact us for technical support of any kind.

The AudioRail story:

AudioRail Technologies designed and developed an intended series of digital audio snake products, with patented technology built from scratch. The first (and only) product on the market, the ADAT rx32tx32, began shipping worldwide in February 2004. Other products were designed and prototyped, but never produced.

AudioRail Technologies was and is a "family and friends" based high-tech home business. It was always a debt-free, self-funded, zero-risk venture.

Although we have a solid worldwide base of happy customers, business has steadily declined to the point that it is no longer profitable to us.

In the "audio snake" market, analog multicore snakes continue to be the main trusted technology utilized by low-end users. Meanwhile, high-end users tend to choose much more expensive digital snake solutions, and the companies making digital mixing consoles continue to roll out their own custom, proprietary "Cat5" digital snake extensions. In Europe, another small company introduced a competing product which can be acquired in the EU without customers incurring the import fees and shipping cost of acquiring AudioRail directly from us in the U.S.

We also suffered a major death in the family in 2011, which affected "company" morale and the desire to continue in active business, along with the steadily declining sales.

Again, we are still here as a "business" to support existing customer needs. Please e-mail us; the business telephone line has been retired.

For historical reasons, here is the link to the main page of our original website: (original). All supporting files and documentation are still available at this link.